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Be The Difference at SDP

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Sienna Dance Project, a dance haven founded in 2023 by the visionary Miss Ashley Haynes. Nestled in the heart of Missouri City, TX, Sienna Dance Project was born from Miss Ashley's deep-seated love for dance, with the mission of creating a nurturing space for students to explore, grow, and train.

Our meticulously crafted programs cater to dancers of all ages, from three to eighteen years old. At SDP, we are not just a dance studio; we are a community that believes in fostering creativity, individuality, and a passion for movement. Here, every dancer is provided with a safe haven to embark on their dance journey.

The SDP experience is a gateway to an incredible community within the captivating world of dance. Our comprehensive programs prepare dancers for various paths, including competitive dance, team performance dance, teaching opportunities, and the professional dance industry. We are proud to offer more than just dance classes; we provide an immersive experience that extends to an annual recital showcase, featuring guest instructors from diverse backgrounds and exhilarating photo shoots, ensuring that every dancer can thrive and shine.

Our team at SDP is not just a group of instructors; we are a collective of passionate individuals committed to nurturing and expanding your dancer's experience. For more details about our exceptional staff, be sure to explore our staff page below.

At Sienna Dance Project, we strive to be a positive force that transforms the dance world. We invite you to join us and become part of a community where dance dreams come alive. The stage is set, and we look forward to seeing you soon at Sienna Dance Project!

Our Staff


Ashley Haynes 

Founder and Artistic Director

Miss Ashley's journey in the world of dance began at the tender age of 3 in the heart of the Midwest. Born and raised in Florissant, Missouri, she took her first dance steps at a local studio, igniting a passion that would shape her life. Starting small, she quickly found herself immersed in the art of performance, expanding her horizons at DK Dance Productions under the visionary guidance of Darci K. Ward.

Her dance repertoire blossomed, covering ballet, jazz, tap, pointe, hip hop, contemporary, production, and acrobatics. At the age of 11, she entered the world of competition and dance conventions, where her talent flourished, earning numerous overall regional and national awards over 7 impactful years at DK Dance Productions.

Miss Ashley's enthusiasm for performance extended beyond the dance floor. At 11, she ventured into cheerleading, cheering for middle and high school games, events, parades, pep rallies, UCA/NCA camps, and competitions, showcasing her diverse skills and spirit.

Academic achievements followed as Miss Ashley graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis with a degree in Business Marketing and Communication, emphasizing Sales Operations. Simultaneously, she danced professionally under the mentorship of Ashley L. Tate as an Artist and Performer for Ashleyliane Dance Company. Her performances graced stages across the nation, from Chicago and St. Louis to Los Angeles.

While at the university, she lead the cheerleading program as a College Athlete from 2013 to 2015, leaving an indelible mark by expanding and developing the cheer program, earning recognition from University of Missouri for her efforts.

For over a decade, Miss Ashley has been imparting her knowledge and passion, teaching dance and coaching cheerleading at various institutions in St. Louis, MO, and Houston, TX. Her impact spans organizations like DK Dance Productions, St. Louis Academy of Dance, St. Peters Academy of Dance, Trinity Catholic High School, Freedom Arts Association, St. Louis County Libraries, Houston Christian High School, Alpha Omega Gymnastics and Dance, The Emery/Weiner School, and more.

In 2023, fueled by an unwavering commitment to share her love for dance, Miss Ashley founded the Sienna Dance Project. Her gratitude extends to students, athletes, and the myriad studios, schools, and organizations that have shaped her journey. To all who believed in her from day one, she extends a heartfelt thank you, emphasizing that performance and the arts will forever remain at the core of her life's priorities.


Viviana Lopz

Artistic and Company Instructor

Viviana Lopez first started her career as a gymnast at the age of 7. She was

introduced at her daycare and was invited to train at a studio that offers both dance and gymnastics. She loved gymnastics, but she was very driven by the art of dance.


he started her love and passion for dance at the age of 8 while still continuing to train in gymnastics. Viviana was on the competitive elite team while training in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern contemporary, and acro. Once she got to middle school she got into a performing arts middle school for dance and gymnastics and continued her training at school and studio. She then went to high school at another performing arts school, HSPVA where she trained not only ballet and modern, but afro cuban and musical theatre. She then went to Bellaire, which is student driven with an amazing director, where she excelled in her teaching experience. 

She is very excited to be apart of SDP family for the upcoming 2024-2025 Season!

SDP-9 (1).jpg

Sophia Zapata 

Artistic and Company Instructor

Miss Sophia is a proud graduate of Clements High School in May 2023, is gearing up for an exciting journey as she steps into the world of higher education. This fall, she plans to embark on a new chapter at Wharton County Junior College, where she'll be delving into the realm of Elementary Education.

A seasoned dancer with a remarkable 17 years of experience, Sophia has graced various studios in the vibrant dance scene of Houston, TX. Her passion for dance reached new heights during her time at Clements High School, where she became an integral part of the Dance Team. Under the spotlight, she honed her skills across an array of dance styles, showcasing her versatility in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Modern, Bollywood, Musical Theatre, Kick, Pom, and Skirts. Adding another feather to her cap, Sophia also seized the opportunity to choreograph captivating musical numbers for her Theatre Group, leaving an indelible mark on the stage.

Over the past year, Miss Sophia has transitioned from being a dedicated student to a passionate teacher at local dance studios in Missouri City, Texas. In this role, she has had the privilege of imparting her knowledge to dancers spanning ages 3 to 16, specializing in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Contemporary. Her commitment to nurturing the next generation of dancers reflects her dedication to the art and her desire to inspire others.

As Sophia eagerly anticipates joining the Sienna Dance Project, she brings not only her impressive talents but also a wealth of experience and a genuine enthusiasm for the world of dance. The stage is set for a vibrant collaboration, and Miss Sophia is poised to contribute her unique flair to the artistic tapestry of the Sienna Dance Project!


Bella Harmon

Artistic and Company Instructor

With a passion for dance ignited at the tender age of 7, Bella Harmon embarked on a journey that has defined much of her life. Currently a member of the esteemed Dulles Dolls dance team, she has honed her skills and artistry through years of dedicated practice and performance.


Transitioning from student to teacher, Bella found her calling in sharing her love for dance with others. Her teaching journey began at Alpha Omega, where she had the privilege of nurturing the talents of aspiring dancers. Currently, she is proud to serve as a teacher at the Sienna Dance Project, where she continues to inspire and guide students on their own dance journeys.


Throughout her career, jazz dance has been Bella's favored genre, captivating her with its energy, rhythm, and expression. It's a style that allows her to push boundaries, tell stories, and connect with audiences on a profound level.


From her early days as a dancer to her current role as both performer and mentor, dance remains not just a passion, but a way of life—a journey of growth, creativity, and boundless expression. Bella has seen the last year as a mentor and teacher at SDP where she flourishes along with her students!


This Could Be You!

 Dance Instructor

Interested in working with us? Visit the Careers page to learn more!



Rachel Stevens

Guest Instructor

Rachel Stevens is a renowned dancer and teacher, whose remarkable career in the world of dance began at the age of two. From that moment on, she fell head over heels in love with the art form, and her passion for dance has only grown stronger with time. Rachel's dance journey has taken her through a multitude of genres, including ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and musical theater, among others. After years of intense training, Rachel made the difficult decision to step away from the spotlight as a performer. However, this departure from the stage did not dampen her enthusiasm for dance. On the contrary, it ignited a newfound passion for teaching.


For the past six years, Rachel has been sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring young dancers. Her teaching career has become an integral part of her life, and she finds immense joy and fulfillment in helping her students discover their own love and talent for dance. Witnessing the passion and dedication of her students is what drives Rachel to excel as an instructor. Recently, Rachel embarked on a new chapter in her teaching career by joining the esteemed Sienna Dance Project. Rachel is thrilled to be part of such a prestigious institution, where she can contribute to the growth and development of future dance stars. Her unwavering passion for dance, combined with her expertise and dedication to teaching, has made her a beloved figure in the dance community.

Rachel is excited to bring her love and passion to SDP!


Linda Cantu

Guest Instructor

Lynn Cantu began training in ballet and jazz at a ballet school at age 2 after her family discovered her love for music and performing for family members. When she was 13 years old, she developed her passion for hip-hop and jazz-funk performances. As she moved on to high school, she was accepted to their dance team as an Elite member.  She has performed with the Houston Rockets Power Dancers, at numerous festivals, and has danced with several award-winning teams across Houston. Lynn has also choreographed several winning numbers for dance competitions around Houston. Her students have successfully earned scholarships and awards for dance conventions in several cities across the states. Lynn is also currently a member of Houston’s K-pop dance crew “Wonderbox” as well as Houston’s award-winning team “WyldStyl”. Music and dance will always be her first love and she hopes to continue in the industry for a lifetime. 


Bethany Stanley

Guest Instructor

Bethany Stanley was born and raised in Houston, TX, and began dancing at the age of 3. At the age of 10 she began training competitively and pre-professionally. At 13 years old she found her passion for hip hop and was a founding member of her studio's performance-based hip hop crew. Bethany began assistant teaching at the age of 12 and had the opportunity to instruct her own classes by 15 years old. She continued competitive dance through her junior year of high school, in addition to training in choir and musical theatre. During her senior year of high school she was invited to join the performance hip hop crew, “Yung Yonces” and was featured in school pep rallies and talent performances.


Bethany has performed as both a dancer and singer in multiple high school productions as well as charity events at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She continued training in the world of competitive dancing in college by joining the nationally acclaimed Oklahoma City University Pom Squad. She competed with the OCU Pom Squad for 3 years, when Covid-19 unexpectedly interrupted her final year of collegiate dance. With determination to continue her pursuit in dance she came back home to become the Dance Director at a new local studio in Pearland, TX. In 2022 she joined a hip hop dance crew based out of Houston, TX and has performed a numerous local events. Bethany continues to share her love of dance through teaching and continuously learning. She aspires to share with each child her passion and adoration for the industry which she has pursued for so many years. 



Andrea Oregon

 Yoga Instructor

Bio Coming Soon!


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